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  • Paperback - 188 pages
  • ISBN 0-89997-232-2
  • ISBN 0899972322
  • Published by Wilderness Press.
  • Text Copyright 1998 by John W. Robinson
  • John W. Robinson is the author and hiker in The book contains 100 hikes in the San Gabriels.

    The Acknowledgements thank the Forest Service Personnel and numerous hikers who help keep the book up to date(this is the seventh edition).

    The preface states that the seventh edition was written 27 years after the initial publication of Trails of the Angeles. The Pacific Crest Trail is mentioned as one of the biggest additions to the Angeles trails over the last 20 years. The confusing permit system is also discussed(in the past one did not have to pay $5 to park a vehicle in the mountains.

    The Introduction starts out by stating that hiking is an excellent form of exercise. It goes on to quote John Muir as saying the San Gabriel Mountains are "more rigidly inaccessible than any other I ever attempted to penetrate." [1]

    Early on in the book the wildlife is discussed. Robinson declares that "The most abundant large mamal in the San Gabriels is the California mule deer, usually yellow-brown in the summer, gray in winter, its many-pronged antlers growing to considerable size." [7] Having, done the Henninger Flats hike many times, I can verify this fact. I have spotted these deer many times and several times our dogs chased after them.

    In the Humans in the San Gabriels, Robinson draws attention to the name given to these mountains. "It was the Spaniards who gave the mountains their name-two names, in fact, that have existed side by side down to recent years. Garces in 1776 referred to the range as 'Sierra de San Gabriel,' borrowing the name of the nearby mission, and this name was used in Spanish records frequently in ensuing years." [11]

    Having grown up in Pasadena, I lived by the San Gabriel Mountains for a long time. I have done all or part of hikes 15, 17, 18, 25, 26, 27, 28, 33, 39, 40, 47, 57, 65, 73, 74, 81.

    Hike 15 is Altadena to Oakwilde via Arroyo Seco. [47] This hike starts near JPL and goes up into the foothills of the San Gabriels. I actually have pictures from this site under the La Canada section of the website. The hike is 9 miles round trip but many people explore more or less than this distance as they enjoy time in the mountains without having to do mountain driving.

    Hikes 17, 18 and 33 involve Switzer Canyon. I have hiked in the Swizter Canyon area many times. The most recent trip was thoroughly documented on the LA Photos Hiking Page.

    Hike 25 is Altadena to Rubio Canyon. The book lists the hike as being 1 1/2 miles round trip. My friend Pat used to live at the base of Rubio Canyon so we explored the area many times. There are many different hikes available in this area, some of which are much longer than 1 1/2 miles round trip.

    Hike 26 is Altadena to Henninger Flats. My grandmother's sister and her husband used to live in Altadena near the entrance to the Mount Wilson Toll Road where this hike starts. I have done this hike more than any hike in the book. The hike is described in detail on my LA Photos Hiking Page.

    Hike 27 is Altadena to Mt. Wilson via Mt. Wilson Toll Road. This hike is 9 miles each way with a 4500' change in elevation. This 18 mile round trip hike is a long one and I have only done it once in my life.

    Hike 28 is Altadena to Henninger Flats, Idlehour Trail to Eaton Canyon, Idlehour Trail Camp, Inspiration Point, Castle Canyon, Echo Mountain, back to Altadena. I've been to Idlehour twice but I've only completed this car shuttle hike one time. It is a long hike over all kinds of different terrain.

    Hike 81 is Vincent Gab to Mt. Baden-Powell. The views at the top of Mt. Baden-Powell are truly magnificant. The trail has a lot of switchbacks but the view in the end makes everything worth it. Watch out for snakes sunning themselves on the trail on this hike.

    The Trail Map for the Trails of the Angeles is a great bonus that comes with the book. The book is one of my favorites and I would recommend it for anyone who is considering a hike in the San Gabriel Mountains.

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