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  • Hardcover - 132 pages
  • ISBN 0-87156-886-1
  • ISBN 0871568861
  • Published by Sierra Club Books(March 1997)
  • Text by Susan Zwinger
  • Photography by Jeff Garton
  • does an excellent job of showing the desert climate that exists in Southern California. The photography is amazing and the verbal descriptions by author Susan Zwinger are vivid. Being a Sierra Club book, it discusses the California Desert Protection Act signed by Clinton in 1994. This act established Death Valley and Joshua Tree National Parks.

    The adventure starts with the Sonoran Desert which is said to be the youngest Desert in North America. The reader is then taken to the Mojave Desert northeast of Joshua Tree National Park. Finally, the trip would not be complete without educating the reader about the wild topography in Death Valley.

    Overall I found the photographs to be colorful yet peaceful. The journey ends in Owens Peak Wilderness near the 395 and west of Death Valley. The book closes by reminding the reader of the importance of protecting wilderness lands.

    My favorite photographs from the book are as follows:
    The Picacho Peak Formation(pg 28)
    The red glow in this picture is stunning.
    The Wind Caves in a Slot Canyon in the Carrizo Bedlands(pg 37)
    The author explains how nature makes the caves over many years.
    The Pink Cactus Pads by the Devil's Playground(pg 75)
    I didn't know a cactus plant could be so colorful.
    Darwin Falls in the Argus Mountains(pg 110)
    It is remarkable to see this much water and greenery in the desert.
    The Sierra Frontal Fault by the Northwestern Mojave(pg 129)
    The snow crested mountains are a stark contrast to the dry desert floor.

    Note: this review is for the 1996 Paperback Edition ISBN: 0-87156-887-X.

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