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  • Hardcover - 160 pages
  • ISBN 0-89658-481-X
  • ISBN 089658481X
  • Published by Voyageur Press, Inc.
  • Text Copyright 2001 by Karen Misuraca
  • Photography Copyright 2001 by Gary Crabbe/Enlightened Images
  • Karen Misuraca writes the text while Gary Crabbe does the photography in The editors do a nice job of combining informative text with breathtaking photographs.

    Following the Introduction, the book starts with the North Coast where the redwoods are presented nicely. The King Range National Conservation Area is discussed on page 33. Described as steep and rocky, the area sounds inviting for outdoor adventure seekers. The author continually mentions Highway 101 as the reference point in this area.

    Sonoma Beach and the Russian River are discussed on page 42. Fort Ross is introduced on page 43 and the reader is told that 25 Russians and 80 Aleut fur hunters came to the area in 1809.

    Page 52 explains that San Francisco was built up in 1848 when gold was discovered in the Sierra Nevada. There is a nice picture of San Francisco on page 53. The infamous San Francisco fog is captured on film on page 61.

    On page 140 the reader is sent down to San Diego where the Star of India ship is shown. The Del hotel on Coronado Island is shown on page 144. North of San Diego, the Oceanside pier is shown on page 149. The picture caption says that it is the longest wooden pier on the West Coast, spanning 1,949 feet. The book closes by mentioning the many wildlife locations in San Diego. Specifically Sea World, The San Diego Zoo, The Scripps Beach Aquarium and the San Diego Wild Animal Park are mentioned. There is a nice photograph of an underwater shark tank at Sea World on page 155.

    In summary, the book does an excellent job of showing the complete California Coastline. Photographer Gary Crabbe travels from areas close to the Oregon border on the North to locations near the Mexico border on the South. They do a good job of providing freeways used like the 101 and the 1 so that readers can visits some of the sights personally.

    My favorite photographs from the book are as follows:
    Bodega Head in Sonoma County(pg 13)
    The colorful sky over the ocean is captivating.
    The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco(pg 50)
    The Golden Gate is one of the most photographed structures on the West Coast.
    The Pigeon Point Lighthouse in San Mateo(pg 81)
    Words do not do justice to the colorful sky.
    Avalon on Catalina Island(pg 131)
    The Casino in Avalon is the subject of many photographs and paintings.

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