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The Poppy Flower is the state flower for California. There are several versions of the California Poppy below. The one of favor is "California Poppy" by Harold Feinstein as it captures the orange color of this California beauty. The "California Poppy" by David Nichols is a nice print but the color of the flower is not as orange as the version by Harold Feinstein.

California Poppy Flowers in Pasadena

My mom and I were talking about the California Poppy the other day, she has quite a few in her yard. She explained that the poppy is not a good plant to have year round. It blooms in the spring but it goes away the rest of the year. I was thinking about planting some poppy flowers in pots in our back yard but decided against it after talking with my mother.

The poppy photos below are from my mom's back yard. Click on the thumbnails in order to enjoy the higher resolution versions. Like the California Poppy Flower Posters on the right, these photos show the brilliant orange displayed by these seasonal flowers. It is easy to see why the Poppy is the California State Flower when looking closely at these posters and photos.

Poppy Close Up

Close Up Poppy Next To Fresh Buds

Poppy Flowers From Afar

Group of Poppy Flowers Up Close

Poppy Flowers With White-Green Stems

Poppy In Bloom Next to Poppy Bud

More White Gray Stems

Poppy Flowers Close Up

Poppy Flower Posters and Prints

The Poppy is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. These images show the diversity of this amazing flower.

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