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  • Here are some photos from the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens.
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    LA Zoo Flamingos

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    LA Zoo Hippo

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    LA Zoo Waterfall

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    Petting Zoo

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    All LA Zoo information below is as of March 2003:
    The Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens are open from 10:00am to 5:00pm. Some of the animals are put in for the night one hour before closing.

    Some of the food locations are as follows:
    Safari Cafe
    The Grill
    Gorilla Grill
    South America
    Silverback's Cafe
    La Casita
    Mahale Cafe

    Some of the gift shops are as follows:
    Rainforest Traders
    Wildlife Wonders
    Bear Necessities
    Safari Station
    Portable carts

    Some of the Los Angeles Zoo Highlights are as follows:
    American alligator
    polar bear
    California sea lion
    great gray kangaroo
    Komodo dragon
    gray wolf
    Bactrian camel
    red river hog
    Grant's zebra
    fox exhibits
    orangutan - Red Ape Rain Forrest
    Chimpanzees of Mahale Mountains
    colobus monkey
    radiated tortoise
    giant eland
    African fish eagle
    gelada baboon
    Indian rhinoceros
    Steller's sea eagle
    American black bear
    snow leopard
    golden lion tamarin
    mountain tapir
    spider monkey
    Andean condor
    maned wolf
    Central American tapir
    Aldabra giant tortoise
    Cape vulture
    Reptile House with king cobra, false gharial, Indian python, emerald tree boa and rare tortoises

    Botanical Highlights:
    Baja Garden
    Ferraro Rose Garden
    Yellow wood
    Australian Collection
    California Desert Garden
    Mexican Fan Palm Grove
    Desert Garden
    Chilean Wine Palm
    Desert Garden
    Ginkgo Grove
    Edible Garden

    Winnick Family Children's Zoo Highlights:
    dairy goats
    pot-bellied pig
    California sea lion

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