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Above Los Angeles
Los Angeles from Space - ©Spaceshots
Los Angeles from Space - ©Spaceshots
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Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA
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These aerial photographs were taken by Joel Sprague on February 6, 2003. He was in a small Bonanza plane flying the shoreline corridor at an altitude of 3,700 feet.

Los Angeles Aerial Photos

Above Palos Verdes
Over Hermosa Beach
Over the Palos Verdes Lighthouse
Above Santa Monica
West Coast of Palos Verdes Peninsula
Palos Verdes as Seen From East
Bonanza Plane
Aerial View of Manhattan Beach
Aerial View of LAX
Above Hermosa Beach
Marina Del Rey as Seen From Sky
Above Palos Verdes Lighthouse
These photos cover an interesting portion of the Los Angeles Basin. From Santa Monica in the North to Palos Verdes in the South, a large portion of the Southern California coast is covered. The Palos Verdes Peninsula has one of the best public golf courses in Southern California. This course can be seen if you look carefully at one of the P.V. images. Another nice Palos Verdes landmark is the lighthouse which can be seen in numerous photos. The Santa Monica image is nice because the entire pier is in view. The Marina Del Rey picture shows the entrance of the Marina as it opens into the Pacific Ocean. One of the Hermosa Beach pictures captures a portion of the Redondo Beach Harbor in the lower right hand corner. The Manhattan Beach photo has a lot in view. The Manhattan Beach pier can be seen as well as part of LAX.
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