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UCLA Sports Highlights
John Wooden
Hoops Coaches History
Hoops Championships
1995 Hoops Championship
Ben Howland

UCLA has a rich athletic tradition. Some of the notable Bruins in the UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame are as follows:
Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar), basketball
Arthur Ashe, tennis
Gail Goodrich, basketball
Jackie Robinson, football, baseball, basketball and track
Bill Walton, basketball
John Wooden, basketball coach
Kenny Easley, football
Corey Pavin, golf
Jimmy Connors, tennis
Jackie Joyner-Kersee, track
Florence Griffith-Joyner, track
Eric Karros, baseball
Reggie Miller, basketball
Ken Norton Jr., football
Tom Ramsey, football
Troy Aikman, football
Carnell Lake, football
Dick Vermeil, football

UCLA - Royce Hall
Photo by Joel Sprague

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UCLA - Royce Hall and
Powell Library
Photo by Tony Mueller

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Anderson School of Management
Photo by Tony Mueller

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Pauly Pavilion Hoops
Photo by Tony Mueller

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UCLA Wins The School's 11th NCAA Men's Basketball Crown in 1995

Having graduated from UCLA in 1992, I continued to follow their rich basketball tradition while working at the University. UCLA was able to beat Arkansas in the NCAA Finals on Monday, April 3, 1995. The school newspaper, The Daily Bruin, had tons of nice articles on April 4, 1995. Randy Satterburg of the Daily Bruin staff described the accomplishment,
"Monday evening here at the Kingdome, with Wooden himself in attendance at the title game for the first time since 1991, the UCLA Bruins stepped out of the shadows.
Now, after UCLA's 89-78 win against the defending champions Arkansas Razorbacks, the Bruins return to their familiar role atop the college basketball world as the 1995 National Champions. Make room in Pauley Pavilion for another championship banner - No. 11 to be precise."

The tournament was especially sweet for Ed O'Bannon who was named the Most Outstanding Player. I remember when Ed came to UCLA after UNLV, his first choice was put on probation. Unfortunately Ed tore his ACL his freshman year but the championship game he played as a senior showed just how hard he worked to come back.

Scott Yamaguchi of the Daily Bruin wrote an article explaining how incredible it was that the Bruins were able to win the final game without injured point guard Tyus Edney.
"And so when it was announced that Edney - the Most Outstanding Player of the NCAA West Regional - would miss Monday's NCAA Championship game aganist the defending National Champion Arkansas, speculation centered on whether the Bruins would be able to break the Razorbacks' vaunted pressure defense.
After all, Edney was the backbone of his team, and it was his ability to dismantle opposing teams' defenses that had propelled UCLA through its first five tournament games.
'I was certainly concerned when we couldn't have our most valuable player play,' UCLA head coach Jim Harrick said after his team captured UCLA's first NCAA Championship in 20 years with an 89-78 victory. "

Few people thought UCLA had a chance without Edney. After all, many fans saw the Missouri game in an earlier round where Edney drove the length of the court to give UCLA the winning basket with only 5 seconds left. Everyone knew that UCLA would not have been in the finals had it not been for Tyus Edney on that play.

John Wooden
John Wooden continued to follow UCLA after winning 10 National Championships and stepping down as coach. The Daily Bruin was able to interview him in the September 25th edition of the Daily Bruin. The interview was conducted by Jeff Eisenberg, Bruin Sports Senior Staff, and Kelly Rayburn, Bruin Senior Staff. Fans have always compared new coaches to John Wooden but he says this isn't fair in answering the question below:
"DB: The national media makes a big deal out of the comparisons to you that every UCLA coach endures. Are these fair?
JW: They're not fair at all because things have changed so much. I learned from my dad that you never compare. You always get into a pickle when you start comparing because you always compare with someone who you think has more. My philosophy was to never try to be better than someone else. Learn from others, and try to be the best you can be. The score was the by-product of that preparation."

It was exciting to have John Wooden talk about the road ahead for Ben Howland.
"DB: What do you think Ben Howland's biggest challenge will be next season?
JW: His biggest challenge will be getting the players there to accept a different type of discipline to what they are accustomed, but I think he'll be fine. They have talent. It was too bad losing a couple players – Patterson and Cummings until the end of the quarter. But I still think there's quality material there. His style of play will no doubt be a change."

Wooden was fortunate to have Kareem Abdul-Jabbar play for him. He talks about Kareem's struggle to get into coaching.
"DB: Not only was Lew Alcindor (also known as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) one of the best NBA players of all time, but he was also one of the most intelligent. Why do you think he hasn't gotten the opportunity to be a head coach?
JW: He didn't have the best rapport with the media when he was playing, and I think that's what has hurt him the most. No question in my mind, he'd make a good coach. He's very bright. He knows the game. He's a tremendous draw. I'd like to see him get a chance."

John Wooden will always be a legend. It is nice to see the University recognize him by naming Pauley Pavilion after him.
UCLA John Wooden Portrait UCLA John Wooden Portrait

Commemorate your favorite college basketball coach with this limited edition lithograph from artist Michael Debus. Each matted and framed lithograph measures 16 x 20", is limited to just 400 editions, and is personally autographed by Coach Wooden himself. This fine piece is a must for the true collector or fan.

Ben Howland
Ben Howland coached his first regular season game for UCLA on November 29th, 2003 against a Vermont team that was in the NCAA tournament the year before. It is fair to say that Lavin did not leave the program with the same level of talent that Harrick did. Nonetheless, Howland was able to do what he could with the players that he inherited and he came away with a win. The win was very impressive considering the fact that TJ Cummings was out because of academic issues and Trevor Ariza who was supposed to start at forward was out with a lung issue. This left Josiah Johnson to start at forward. Josiah was not as highly touted as his dad or his brother coming out of high school but he played hard against Vermont and did his share to make sure the Bruins came away as winners. Another new UCLA starter who hit a few clutch 3 pointers was Brian Morrison from North Carolina. UCLA center Michael Fey looked like a completely different player from the previous year. He effectively used his size and strength to score 20 points and grab 8 rebounds. Cedric Bozeman and Dijon Thompson played with confidence as they showed why they were prize recruits coming out of high school. Thompson made the game look easy as he hit shot after shot en route to his 18 points.
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University of California,  Los Angeles - UCLA
University of California, Los Angeles - UCLA
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Westwood Village, West Los Angeles, CA, 1937
Westwood Village, West Los Angeles, CA, 1937
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Kauffman - Jackie Robinson Stealing Home Plate
Jackie Robinson Stealing Home Plate
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Troy Aikman - ©Photofile
Troy Aikman - ©Photofile
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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - ©Photofile
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - ©Photofile
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UCLA Basketball Coaching History
Coach Name......Years.........Win Loss
Fred Cozens.....(1919-1921)...020-004
Pierce Works....(1921-1939)...173-159
Wilbur Johns....(1939-1948)...093-120
John Wooden.....(1948-1975)...620-147
Gene Bartow.....(1975-1977)...052-009
Gary Cunningham.(1977-1979)...050-008
Larry Brown.....(1979-1981)...042-017
Larry Farmer....(1981-1984)...061-023
Walt Hazzard....(1984-1988)...077-047
Jim Harrick.....(1988-1996)...192-062
Steve Lavin.....(1996-2003)...145-078
Ben Howland.....(2003-

UCLA Men's Basketball Championship History
1995 UCLA def. Arkansas 89-78
1975 UCLA def. Kentucky 92-85
1973 UCLA def. Memphis 87-66
1972 UCLA def. Florida St. 81-76
1971 UCLA def. Villanova* 68-62
1970 UCLA def. Jacksonville 80-69
1969 UCLA def. Purdue 92-72
1968 UCLA def. North Carolina 78-55
1967 UCLA def. Dayton 79-64
1965 UCLA def. Michigan 91-80
1964 UCLA def. Duke 98-83

NCAA Men's Basketball Championship History
2003 Syracuse def. Kansas
2002 Maryland def. Indiana 64-52
2001 Duke def. Arizona 82-72
2000 Michigan State def. Florida 89-76
1999 Connecticut def. Duke 77-74
1998 Kentucky def. Utah 78-69
1997 Arizona def. Kentucky 84-79 (OT)
1996 Kentucky def. Syracuse 76-67
1995 UCLA def. Arkansas 89-78
1994 Arkansas def. Duke 76-72
1993 North Carolina def Michigan 77-71
1992 Duke def. Michigan 71-51
1991 Duke def. Kansas 72-65
1990 UNLV def. Duke 103-73
1989 Michigan def. Seton Hall 80-79 (OT)
1988 Kansas def. Oklahoma 83-79
1987 Indiana def. Syracuse 74-73
1986 Louisville def. Duke 72-69
1985 Villanova def. Georgetown 66-64
1984 Georgetown def. Houston 84-75
1983 NC State def. Houston 54-52
1982 North Carolina def. Georgetown 63-62
1981 Indiana def. North Carolina 63-50
1980 Louisville def. UCLA 59-54
1979 Michigan St. def. Indiana St. 75-64
1978 Kentucky def. Duke 94-88
1977 Marquette def. North Carolina 67-59
1976 Indiana def. Michigan 86-68
1975 UCLA def. Kentucky 92-85
1974 NC State def. Marquette 76-64
1973 UCLA def. Memphis 87-66
1972 UCLA def. Florida St. 81-76
1971 UCLA def. Villanova* 68-62
1970 UCLA def. Jacksonville 80-69
1969 UCLA def. Purdue 92-72
1968 UCLA def. North Carolina 78-55
1967 UCLA def. Dayton 79-64
1966 UTEP def. Kentucky 72-65
1965 UCLA def. Michigan 91-80
1964 UCLA def. Duke 98-83
1963 Loyola (Ill.) def. Cincinnati 60-58 (OT)
1962 Cincinnati def. Ohio St. 71-59
1961 Cincinnati def. Ohio St. 70-65 (OT)
1960 Ohio St. def. California 75-55
1959 California def. West Virginia 71-70
1958 Kentucky def. Seattle 84-72
1957 North Carolina def. Kansas 54-53 (3 OT)
1956 San Francisco def. Iowa 83-71
1955 San Francisco def. La Salle 76-73
1954 La Salle def. Bradley 92-76
1953 Indiana def. Kansas 69-68
1952 Kansas def. St. John's 80-63
1951 Kentucky def. Kansas St. 68-58
1950 CCNY def. Bradley 71-68
1949 Kentucky def. Oklahoma St. 46-36
1948 Kentucky def. Baylor 58-42
1947 Holy Cross def. Oklahoma 58-47
1946 Oklahoma A&M def. North Carolina 43-40
1945 Oklahoma A&M def. NYU 49-45
1944 Utah def. Dartmouth 42-40 (OT)
1943 Wyoming def. Georgetown 46-34
1942 Stanford def. Dartmouth 53-38
1941 Wisconsin def. Washington St. 39-34
1940 Indiana def. Kansas 60-42
1939 Oregon def. Ohio St. 46-33

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